Tongue twisters

say Lateral Literature 3 times slowly… then 3 times normally… six  times faster…. more times faster and do not look at the sentence….. stop! hey, did you say something wrong?.. say which witch wished for which wish 3 times slowly… then 3 times normally… six times faster… more times faster and do not look at […]

Trick 2

make a 4 digit number, for example: 4386 now don’t make the same number like me. scramble the numbers ’til it makes a different number. 8463 subtract the bigger number by the smaller number. 3  15 8  4  6 13 4   3  8  6 – 4 0 7 7 now add each number to each […]

Carter is The Man

Carter Emmanuelle Jackson is the brother of Lanseit (pronounced lonsay) Ackonielle Jackson. This month, Lanseit is getting married with a beautiful woman named Hazel McDaiver and Carter is the best man. But, Lanseit is going to a one week trip with his fiancèe. Leaving Carter alone with all the responsibilities that Hazel already listed. She […]


Trick One Step One : Pick a number from one to ten Step Two: Multiply that number by 2 (do not change the number in any of these steps) Step Three: Now add the number 12. Step Four: Divide the number by 2 Step Five: Subtract the total by the number you picked. Step Six: […]

The Happy Chef

Meet Don the butcher. He butches at Sal’s Diner. His days never gets better, or worse. Today he’s gonna have an unpredictable day. he just doesn’t know it. This morning, Don couldn’t catch a bus. So he tried looking for a motorbike ride to the diner. But the same thing happened. There were none. Then […]

The Family Matter 2nd Story

Sam is flirting with the most popular girl at school, Adrienne Kenneth. How does Jezie feel you ask? Well, this kinda makes her jealous. To keep her mind out of it, she tried reading a book, ‘The Cool Clown’ which is from Sam. She now feels worse. Then Jerry comes near her. He asks, “What […]