The Family Matter 2nd Story


Sam is flirting with the most popular girl at school, Adrienne Kenneth. How does Jezie feel you ask? Well, this kinda makes her jealous. To keep her mind out of it, she tried reading a book, ‘The Cool Clown’ which is from Sam. She now feels worse.

Then Jerry comes near her. He asks, “What are you thinking about? Sam isn’t it? But he doesn’t know that you like him, maybe if you just tell him, he maybe will stop flirting with Adrienne. Then I could get some advantage too. I will have an opportunity to flirt her, by borrowing her my Dr. Swatsenardlebob edition Big Man, 18. I overheard she likes Sci-Fi books. Especially Dr. Swatsenardlebob. She already finished 17. But she hasn’t found edition 18. But… She is really good at losing stuff. So I’m just gonna give her a copy. So she wouldn’t lose it. ‘Cause she’s a nerd, secretly.” Oh yeah, Jerry wasn’t just asking.

Then Jezie replied, ”What did you say again? Was that a speech?”

“ I think, but more like an advice for you” Jerry answered.

“ But I’m too afraid to tell him. Wait, do you have proof she’s a nerd, visual proof?” Asked Jezie.

“Well yeah, if when she gets the book, I ask her to sign the real book that I own and writes ‘ I like Dr. Swatsenardlebob’.. Why?” Answered Jerry.

“Aha!” Jezie had an idea. She ran to Sam and said to him, “ Sam, Adrienne’s a nerd, and I have proof!”

“Why? Why do you not want me to find who I like? I like a girl, but I don’t know if she likes me.” Said Sam with his eyes glaring at Jezie’s face.

“ you like me?” asked Jezie. “of course I do, but the question is, do you like me?” Sam asked again.

She answered, “I, I, I, d…” “Duck!” Sam shouted while ducking Jezie and himself. There were two troublemakers skateboarding the halls at school. But unfortunately, the two skateboarders hi-5-ed hitting Jezie’s forehead. She got dizzy and fell to her brother’s arms (I’m not going to make it too romantic for 13 year olds, so I make it the brother) .

Then Jezie woke up in such a shock. At first she thought it was a dream. But the next thing she knew was she was in the hospital with Mom and John sitting beside her. She looks at the door, she sees Sam wearing an E=mc2 t-shirt, parachute trousers and sneakers carrying davodilles in a plastic wrap

Then Jezie asked Sam, “ What happened at school today?” Sam answered, “ Your head was hit by two troublemakers skateboarding around the hall. Luckily you were catched by your twin brother. Now he is an eye witness of two detention attendants.”

She said, “oh, okay what was I about to answer you today?” He said “ you mean yesterday? Well, you were about to tell me how you feel about me..”

She said to mom and John, “ Okay, now I need some privacy, Mom and John.” Mom then went outside meeting Jerry that was reading.. you know what. She said,“of course I do Sam, but how about Adrienne?”

Sam replied, “Well, I found out she was my cousin, and she was the one that hit you on the forehead. Does it still hurt now? Because if it still does, I’m gonna ask your mom and dad to sue her!” Jezie replied, ”You really care for me that way? Hmmm.. no, don’t sue her.” And that’s how the conversation got…

Janti was really getting the hang of wearing that cone on her neck. So when they took it off, She got wild. But then, Jenn said, “if you don’t want to take it off, you can’t win the pet championship..” for Janti, that was her whole life.


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